Production of The Field has been made possible by the support from the following individuals and organizations.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency

The Center for Independent Documentary

Aaron Balch

Craig DeAmbrose

Carl & Carol Desch

Nada Djordjevic

Gerry & Beth Donley

Jennie L. Donley

Christian Elenbaas

Mary Ellen Engman

Joseph Fitzgerald

John Hassett

Joseph & Genevieve Kelley

Kathy King-Watters

Lydia Lidbury

Sarah Metz

James Paul

Pamela Pulice

Jon Quinlan

Rise Sanders-Weir

Brian Schilling

Lisa M. Smith

Andrew Spellman

Andrew Stephens

Norm & Janice Strasma

Greg and Wendy Skarstad

Laura Szymber

Wes Cleaver Photography LLC

Patricia Wisniewski